sábado, 7 de junho de 2008

No pain, no gain? I´m asking

…And it was one more old mirror that made me realise I was wearing way too much make up. I was trying to hide the inevitable. But that´s the way it goes. Some beautiful times and other dark ones. What else can u expect from some one that wants to live a bit of everything at the same time? I have to pay the price. Now I paint my nails black and leave my face clean, no to cause commotion. I look to the sides scared of breaking something. I might brake my foot again this year. No pain no gain?

2 comentários:

João Neto disse...

Yes, no pain, no gain. And I might say more: no pain, no poetry. You make poetry, so I believe you have your pain moments.

Narradora disse...

"...Mas pra fazer um samba com beleza/ é preciso um bocado de tristeza/Senão não se faz um samba, não."